Managed IT Services For Manufacturing

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing companies provide specialized technology support and solutions, such as cybersecurity, data management, and system integration, to optimize production processes, increase efficiency, and ensure uninterrupted operations in the manufacturing sector.

Managed IT Services For Manufacturing
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Revolutionize your Manufacturing operations with IT Managed Services

Partnering with Panacea Smart Solutions for your Managed IT Services can profoundly revolutionize your manufacturing company by driving operational excellence and fostering innovation. With their deep industry expertise, Panacea ensures seamless integration of your network systems, maximizes uptime, and provides robust cybersecurity solutions, helping to shield your valuable digital assets from potential threats. Their comprehensive data management services, including backup and recovery, safeguard your critical information while ensuring it is accessible when needed.

With their adept handling of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) management, you can harness the power of real-time data and advanced analytics to optimize your manufacturing processes, thereby reducing downtime and wastage. Moreover, their commitment to maintaining your software ecosystem, including ERPs and MESs, ensures your systems are always up-to-date and functioning optimally.

By entrusting your IT operations to Panacea Smart Solutions, you can focus more on your core business operations, while they handle your IT infrastructure, paving the way for enhanced productivity and growth.

IT Infrastructure Management for Manufacturers

Panacea Smart Solutions delivers comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management to manufacturers, focusing on optimizing and securing the entire IT ecosystem. From maintaining robust network systems that guarantee reliable connectivity, to managing servers and storage for efficient data handling, they ensure your manufacturing operations run smoothly and uninterruptedly.

They specialize in managing cloud-based services, facilitating the transition to cloud platforms where necessary, and ensuring optimal use of these resources for scalability and cost-effectiveness. Their team handles Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, aiding in their seamless integration into your infrastructure for streamlined processes and real-time data analytics. As part of their service, they also implement and manage robust cybersecurity measures, safeguarding your infrastructure against evolving cyber threats. With their proactive approach to software support and maintenance, you can rest assured your systems are always up-to-date and compliant.

By providing a comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management service, Panacea Smart Solutions enables manufacturers to focus on their core business while enjoying a reliable, secure, and efficient IT environment.

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IT Managed Services For Manufacturing

Panacea Smart Solutions offers a complete menu of services for Manufacturers within its IT Managed Services offering:


Network Management and Security

This involves the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of secure network infrastructures, including firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems.


Data Management and Analytics

This includes services such as data backup and recovery, data integration, and the use of analytics to turn data into actionable insights for business improvement.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Services

This involves the integration and management of smart devices and sensors within the manufacturing process, enabling real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance.


Cloud Services

This includes the implementation and management of cloud-based infrastructure and software solutions, improving the scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of IT systems.


Enterprise Software Support

This involves managing and supporting key software applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


Cybersecurity Services

This includes threat detection and response, penetration testing, security training, and the implementation of cybersecurity policies and practices to protect the company's digital assets.

Benefits of Our Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Organizations

Although manufacturers can benefit from everything we have to offer, these are the top six benefits of our IT Managed Services for manufacturing companies.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Panacea Smart Solutions ensures smooth and efficient operation of your IT infrastructure, leading to overall improved productivity in the manufacturing process.


Robust Cybersecurity

Their advanced cybersecurity services provide robust protection against cyber threats, securing your valuable data and maintaining the integrity of your IT systems.


Cost Savings

By outsourcing IT management to Panacea, manufacturers can significantly reduce their operational expenses, eliminating the need for a full-time in-house IT team and reducing costs associated with IT equipment and software.


Optimized Data Management

Panacea's data management and analytics solutions provide manufacturers with critical insights that can improve decision-making and streamline manufacturing processes.


Advanced IIoT Integration

Panacea's expertise in IIoT services helps manufacturers leverage the power of smart devices and sensors, leading to increased automation, predictive maintenance, and real-time data analysis.


Continuous Software Support

With Panacea handling software maintenance and support, manufacturers can enjoy uninterrupted use of their essential software applications, including ERPs, MESs, and CRM systems, contributing to seamless business operations.

Customer Success Story: Geneva Enterprises

In the heart of Waterford, Wisconsin, nestled between the picturesque landscape, lies a thriving enterprise known as Geneva Enterprises. As a leading manufacturer specializing in custom foam fabrication and healthcare positioning products, Geneva has carved a niche in the industry, largely owing to its commitment to innovation and quality. But behind this success lies a partnership that has stood the test of time – a partnership with Panacea Smart Solutions, an IT managed services provider.

Before Panacea was even a concept, one of its future owners was already deeply involved in assisting Geneva Enterprises with their budding technology needs. As Geneva began to navigate the complex world of manufacturing, the need for a robust and effective IT infrastructure became more evident. The owner, then an individual IT professional, provided invaluable help, laying the groundwork for what would become a long-standing relationship.

When Panacea Smart Solutions was founded, it was only natural that Geneva Enterprises became one of their first clients. Panacea, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy, lived up to its name by providing comprehensive IT solutions that catered to the evolving needs of Geneva. As Geneva expanded, Panacea was there every step of the way, ensuring that their technology infrastructure grew in tandem.

Panacea provided robust network management and security, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of Geneva’s digital infrastructure. They oversaw the seamless transition to cloud-based services, enhancing Geneva’s scalability and accessibility. With the introduction of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into Geneva’s production line, Panacea ensured a smooth integration, enabling real-time data collection and analysis that optimized manufacturing processes.

As Geneva delved deeper into the realm of custom foam fabrication and healthcare positioning products, their data needs became more complex. Panacea rose to the challenge, providing data management and analytics solutions that turned raw data into actionable insights. These insights helped Geneva improve their decision-making processes and streamline their manufacturing operations.

Furthermore, Panacea’s continuous software support, including managing updates and patches for essential software, has ensured that Geneva’s systems are always up-to-date and functioning optimally. As cyber threats became more sophisticated, Panacea reinforced Geneva’s cybersecurity measures, protecting the company’s digital assets and maintaining the integrity of their IT systems.

The relationship between Geneva Enterprises and Panacea Smart Solutions is a testament to growth and mutual success. As Geneva continues to excel in their industry, Panacea stands as their steadfast partner, ready to tackle new technology challenges and aid in their continued expansion. This enduring partnership is a perfect example of how the right IT solutions can foster growth and innovation in the world of manufacturing.

Why Choose Us

We could go on all day about all the fabulous reasons to work with us.  But we’d like to highlight our top 3 reasons a manufacturer should work with Panacea:

Expertise in Manufacturing IT Needs

Panacea Smart Solutions specializes in providing IT services tailored specifically for manufacturers. They understand the unique challenges and requirements of the manufacturing sector, including the need for robust network security, efficient data management, and seamless integration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. Their industry-specific knowledge and experience ensure they can provide solutions that truly fit your manufacturing business.

Proactive and Comprehensive Approach

Panacea is not just a problem-solver but a strategic partner that works proactively to prevent IT issues before they arise. Their comprehensive suite of services, from network management and data backup to cybersecurity and software support, means they can handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure. This allows manufacturers to focus on their core business operations while Panacea takes care of their IT needs.

Scalability and Cost-effectiveness

As your manufacturing business grows, so too will your IT needs. Panacea understands this and provides scalable solutions that can grow with your business. By outsourcing your IT management to Panacea, you can also achieve significant cost savings, reducing the need for in-house IT staff and infrastructure, and converting unpredictable IT costs into a predictable expense.

World Class IT-Managed Services

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Panacea Smart Solutions offers a wide range of IT services tailored to the needs of manufacturers. These include network management and security, data backup and recovery, cloud services, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) management, software support and maintenance, and comprehensive cybersecurity services.

By optimizing your IT infrastructure and managing your network systems, Panacea can enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and boost productivity. Their data management and IIoT services can provide actionable insights to streamline your manufacturing processes. Additionally, their cybersecurity services help protect your digital assets, giving you peace of mind and ensuring business continuity.

Panacea prioritizes data security by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, including threat detection and response systems, firewalls, and data encryption. They also provide regular security training and updates to ensure your system is protected against the latest threats.

Panacea can complement your in-house team by taking over routine maintenance tasks and providing specialized expertise where needed. This can free up your internal team to focus on strategic initiatives, while ensuring your IT operations are running smoothly and securely.

Absolutely. Panacea’s services are scalable, meaning they can expand and adapt as your business grows and your IT needs evolve. They can help manage transitions, such as moving to cloud services or integrating new technologies, ensuring your IT infrastructure supports your business objectives at all stages of growth.

Outsourcing your IT management to Panacea can lead to significant cost savings. It reduces the need for a large in-house IT team and the associated costs of training and retaining staff. Furthermore, Panacea’s proactive approach to IT management can prevent costly downtime and data breaches. By turning unpredictable IT costs into predictable expenses, you can better manage and plan your budget.