What’s the Difference between Cybersecurity and Internet Safety?

Cybersecurity and Internet Safety

There are many ways that businesses, or even individuals, can stay protected from online cybersecurity threats. But despite the wide availability of internet safety options, you would wonder why there are still so many victims. The casualties from cyberattacks seem to keep increasing over the years! Why is this so? Perhaps one reason is that, with the many security measures available, most people don’t know which one to use.

For starters, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the differences between cybersecurity and internet safety. We might live in the digital age, but for many people, these words might be technical terms they do not fully comprehend. So, a crucial first step to take toward complete online protection is to differentiate these two concepts.

What Is Internet Safety?

Internet safety means protecting users from questionable or harmful online content, while cybersecurity means protecting data and information from hackers. It is a general concept that covers a broad scope of security measures, practices, tools, and software.

While protecting your data and your network is one aspect of internet safety, we also need to address the safety of the people who are on the internet. For businesses, internet safety ensures that employees are not at risk online.

Thus, internet safety includes practicing safe online communications, increasing awareness concerning online threats and how to deal with them, knowing what to do and what not to do while online, and so on. As a business owner, you need to train your staff on internet safety practices for their protection and for the security of your business.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the part of internet safety that protects computer networks and data from online attacks. It is a much more technical aspect that includes the use of complex network security systems and data encryption methods to ensure the protection of a business.

A common dilemma for modern business owners today is whether they should avail the services of a cybersecurity expert or try to handle the task themselves. On the one hand, hiring a professional costs money. For many businesses, it might also mean a complete overhaul of their existing system, which can be an inconvenience. Only an IT expert can give you the online protection that you must have currently.

Ensuring Cybersecurity and Online Safety

With practically all your data and systems now in various forms of online storage, it is more critical than ever to implement protective measures to keep everything safe from online attacks. Partnering with a cybersecurity expert is one step that you need to take.

A managed service provider specializing in cybersecurity will be equipped with the newest technology to protect your business on all fronts. They can take care of everything from network and data security to disaster recovery and business continuity. In addition, they can also do so much for other aspects of your daily operations. You can read further on what an MSP can do for you in our eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Hiring a Superstar IT Solutions Provider for Businesses.”

While partnering with an MSP has become practically a necessity these days, there are also a few steps you can take on your own to keep your business from becoming a victim of cyberattacks. For instance, employee training is a basic but very effective way to bolster your defenses against online threats. Many attacks are preventable if your staff learns the safety practices to follow.

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, internet safety, and what you can do better to protect your business online, we are here to help!

Our free downloadable eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Hiring a Superstar IT Solutions Provider for Businesses,” will give you lots of tips on working with the MSP that’s best for you. Call us today, and we will design a security strategy that meets your needs!

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